Commitment to Quality    

We like to keep things simple ..

With developers, with contractors, with residents

Partnering with Meadfleet is easy and will ensure the long term success of your development.  Throughout the planning and development process, we are here to assist, understand and respond quickly to your requirements.  It is this commitment to service alongside the ability to deliver a professional service that makes Meadfleet the right management company for your open space.



Why partnering with Meadfleet makes sense

Dedicated and experienced personnel

Our large and growing portfolio is supported by a dedicated team of degree educated horticulturalists, each supporting no more than 40 sites in order to maintain our exacting standards. By continuing to ensure that our recruitment processes are thorough and creative at all levels and that our people are fully supported, we ensure that our teams are motivated and enabled to deliver the very best levels of service.

We are committed to not just maintaining our sites but also improving them. For example, last planting season we planted 20,000 bulbs across our sites, not only visually improving local neighbourhoods but contributing to improvements on a wider environmental scale.

How we can help

Additionally, we are keen to support you during all of the important stages of planning, development and post-sale by: –