Management Structure 

Board of Directors

Privately owned, the Directors set the overall strategy for Meadfleet, devolving responsibility for day to day business activities to the senior management team.

Between them, the board of directors have a blend of skills and experience gained in a range of disciplines and all from within PLC housebuilders. Actively involved in the business, the directors, supported by a knowledgeable management team, define objectives for Meadfleet that fulfil the needs of the UK house building sector.

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Paul Miller liaises regularly with the heads of department and is given considerable scope by the shareholders. This not only allows our management structure to be as flat as possible, but enables senior managers to get decisions when they need them, enabling Meadfleet to respond quickly to the everyday demands of the business.

Senior Management Team

The senior management team are fully accountable for day to day Meadfleet operations.  With responsibility for Customer Service, Regional Operations, Finance, IT and Sales & Marketing, this team work closely together to ensure that the needs of all developers and residents are fulfilled as quickly and efficiently as possible, and always to the highest standards.

Regional Managers

Our experienced regional management team are experts in land management, each holding a relevant degree (horticultural, land management, garden design) and are all individually qualified to inspect play equipment, alongside an independent annual inspection from The Play Inspection Company. Each managing no more than 40 sites and located within the regions they serve; our Regional Managers have the authority they need to deliver exceptional standards for residents once the management of open space is transferred to Meadfleet.

In-house Ecologist

A full time employed, MSc qualified ecologist who is licensed to handle a range of protected species including Great Crested Newts. This commitment to the biodiversity of our sites and our desire to improve the habitats and environmental impact of these new developments is consistent with the service standards we already provide across the more standard aspects of landscaping.

Customer Service and Administration

An in-house customer service and administration team ensure that our business support services, including credit control, IT, finance and customer care enquiries are all dealt with by the right people.  They form an essential part of our business