Our Values 

Meadfleet has a clear vision for the future – to make it as simple as possible to provide good quality, professionally managed open spaces on new housing developments for many years to come.  With teams that draw on a wealth of experience, we are strongly committed to making a lasting impact that benefits all key stakeholders that we work with.


We are the professional alternative to the local authority supplying highly trained regional management and on-site results that improve your development during each growing season



We understand the needs of developers in the modern housing market and can support you through the planning and development process, ensuring that your development’s open space is appropriately managed



We believe in forming partnerships with developers, residents, contractors and charitable organisations in order to understand your needs and maximise the opportunities presented by each area of open space



Established, simple business processes, legal documentation and business models that make it easy for you. We want to make the transfer of open space into our management as straightforward as possible, saving you time and money



We believe in the proven benefits that living in a good quality natural environment can enhance a local neighbourhood, improve well being and contribute to improved house values.