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Can you help us manage the outdoors?

Meadfleet own and manage public open space on new build housing developments throughout England and Wales. With an ever increasing portfolio of more than 300 developments in our management, we are always on the lookout for top quality, talented staff across a range of disciplines.

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Meadfleet are steadily expanding and are always interested to hear from enthusiastic applicants.  To find out more about our latest vacancies and what it is like to work for us please click below.



The Benefits of Wildflower Meadows

Meadfleet are committed to encouraging and improving biodiversity on our sites.  Wildflower meadows are just one method of attracting and supporting a range of species.  They also create a variety of colours, shapes and smells providing an interesting display throughout spring, summer and autumn. Meadfleet work with housebuilders to manage the public open spaces on their developments.  Often during the planning phase, it will be specified that certain habitats are created or particular planting is included and these can include wildflower areas.   We work to ensure any ecological requirements of the planning permission are implemented and maintained for the lifetime of the development.                        The presence of wildflowers with nectar-rich plants helps support dwindling populations of native pollinators including butterflies, moths and bees, helping to sustain insects that pollinate our food crops.  This is particularly important in increasingly built up environments.  Wildflower areas  more...

The Tree of Knowledge and Magic

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been noticing the hazel trees on our developments beginning to bear fruit (or nuts to be more precise).  The Corylus avellana trees seem to be flourishing with some healthy clusters of hazelnuts.  Hazel trees are regarded by some as magic, with their rods historically used for water divining and magic wands. The trees are also known by some as trees of knowledge and in medieval times, were a symbol of fertility. Prior to the early 1900s Hazel trees were grown on a large scale for their nuts in the UK.  Now most of our hazelnuts are imported with Turkey being a major grower and Nutella their most significant customer. Hazelnuts can be harvested from late August/September when they are young, fresh and green but should be consumed within a week.  Ideally though they should be picked through the second half of September when the husks turn  more...