Open Space Adoption 

Developers responsibilities are ever increasing, stretching far beyond the provision of individual new homes with successful developments likely to provide recreational facilities, not only for its residents but also the local community.

Flood management schemes are no longer seen just as heavily engineered structures but areas that with careful planning and long term management can offer vital biodiversity and eco-systems, creating habitat links that connect wildlife across the landscape.

During the planning and house building stages, it is essential that their ongoing maintenance and care is secured for the future resident benefit and reputation of the builder.  




Option 1: Local authority public adoption

Local authorities have been finding for some time that it is no longer practical to adopt many of the open spaces created on new housing developments.  Whether this be due to financial constraints or resistance to adopting the varied facilities now provided, the local authority route is increasingly less available to developers.

Additionally, the sizeable costs incurred by developers by way of S106 commuted sums, when or if a local authority agrees to adopt, often means that this route is not financially viable for the landowner or developer.

Option 2: Resident Management Companies

Resident management companies are another possible option but often impose a significant legal and administrative burden on the developer during the construction years.  Standards often deteriorate after the developer has handed over responsibility to residents; not a good choice for a developer that wants to create a positive lasting legacy.

Option 3: Meadfleet’s zero cost adoption model

Meadfleet are able to accept all areas of open space on a development, from sustainable urban drainage schemes in all guises, to bat houses, great crested newts, wildflower meadows or straightforward lawns with herbaceous borders. Whatever you add to your development, Meadfleet are well-equipped to take care of it.

Our business model allows us to manage and maintain these areas to high standards, in perpetuity. More importantly, we usually charge absolutely nothing as a set-up fee, improving the bottom line on your development.  By taking the land into ownership, we take full responsibility for the sustained upkeep of the areas, liaising directly with residents and thereby ensuring that a developer can quickly and easily move on to the next project.

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Meadfleet are here for the long-term.  Our many years of experience and our well-trained teams with extensive horticultural and engineering expertise ensure that your open space can be fully and easily adopted.  Contact us today for further information or to request a management estimate.  Alternatively, find out more about us and what we can do for you