The provision of open spaces on housing developments that provide natural habitats and enjoyable amenity spaces is a more frequent and widely beneficial aspect of housing development.

The requirement to manage and develop these areas to preserve the ecological value of existing areas or to help establish new colonies is something Meadfleet is very aware of and experienced in.

Able to manage trees, woodland, flora, fauna and protected species, Meadfleet’s management team are committed to improving the environmental impact and value of the sites in our portfolio.  Our full-time ecologist contributes to our management plans and assists the regional and senior management team to ensure that our activities and those of our residents are beneficial to the surroundings and comply with the requirements of planning.

Where appropriate, we also work with and seek advice from charitable bodies and specialist organisations.


Meadfleet environmental services: –

Habitat & biodiversity 

Protected species 

Wildflower meadows 

Woodland & trees 

Ponds & streams