Pumping Stations / Water Treatment Systems 


With numerous installations around the country already in our management, we maintain any pumping stations that may be required on new housing developments.

For those pumping stations that are eligible for adoption under the terms of DEFRA’s Transfer of Private Sewers Regulations (2011), we are working closely with a number of water authorities to ensure an efficient and timely transfer of responsibilities.  As per the requirements of these regulations, we will continue to adopt any pumping station on a housing development installed after October 1, 2011.

Our in-house technical knowledge and a range of established working relationships with contractors ensure that these pumping stations are maintained for maximum efficiency and the benefit of those residents that require them.


Water treatment systems

Water treatment plants are high maintenance items and require expertise to maintain them in the good running order required to meet Environment Agency discharge standards.  As sewage treatment plants are not included for adoption by water authorities under current legislation, new housing developments with these facilities require reliable and effective management by a company such as Meadfleet.