Retaining Walls 

To enable a developer to make the best use of the land available, there are a number of highly important specialist structures, such as the various types of retaining walls now incorporated into new housing developments.  The reassurance of long-term maintenance and ownership of strategic infrastructure items is of paramount importance to both residents and developers in order to guarantee this infrastructure within the development.


Managing a wide range of retaining wall structures

Meadfleet already have a number of gabions, headwalls and retaining walls manufactured and constructed in a number of different ways in our management.  Whether you have, or are adding reinforced concrete, timber or concrete crib walls within your development, Meadfleet are more than capable of taking full management of any appropriately engineered new or pre-existing structures.


Engineering expertise to support a development’s infrastructure

Structures of this type are designed and built to last but they require appropriate engineering expertise to manage them.  Meadfleet can offer this to a development both in terms of skills alongside a simple business model that ensures we can be financially responsible for these too.