With more than 100 Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes (SuDS) in our management, Meadfleet fully understand the benefits and requirements of implementing a drainage strategy that supports new housing developments. More importantly, we know the value of SuDS as engineering features but also how they can benefit wildlife and provide amenity to the neighbourhood.

The continued effectiveness of SuDS both in terms of runoff treatment and habitat availability is dependent on an appropriately applied management regime that maintains optimal performance.

Managing a range of retention ponds, swales & attenuation tanks

In our management we have a wide variety of surface water systems ranging from a simple orifice controlled dry balancing basin to more complex control systems involving retention ponds, including permanently wet ponds with hydrobrake or manual controls.

It is not only the ponds and detention basins in SuDS that we take responsibility for but also filter drains, swales, attenuation storage and underground systems (crated and concrete) and permeable paving.  We also review and maintain the structures associated with these systems including manholes, gullies, acco drains etc.  All of these sit easily within our everyday management of a development.

Ongoing and regular maintenance of SuDS

Regular maintenance regimes include: –

Our expertise in-house ensures that a long-term maintenance plan is carefully implemented and sustained for the benefit of the development.

Assisting with section 106 obligations

There has been much debate surrounding the implementation of the Flood and Water Management Act in terms of ensuring the use of SuDS on all new developments in the UK.  Where a development includes SuDS, the longer-term adoption of them should not be seen as a barrier or a difficulty to a developer or the planning process.  With our expertise, we can easily provide assistance in negotiations with authorities which could mean that your planning obligations can be met without the payment of large commuted sums.  Additionally, with Meadfleet’s financial security and perpetual business model, our adoption of SuDS as part of the management of the public open space is a reliable, sustainable and straightforward solution.

Meadfleet believe that SuDS can contribute to the quality and functionality of a landscape, providing usable and attractive places for the local community to enjoy whilst also fulfilling their required drainage and water quality remit.  We know they can form an attractive and ecologically fulfilling part of a residential development too with a range of flora and fauna flourishing on the SuDS in our management.