Wildflower Meadows 

Wildflower meadows introduce diversity and colour to a site in a short space of time.  Providing a more natural looking alternative to more formal lawns and shrub borders, a wildflower seed in a meadow environment can provide a stunning display for many months.

With the correct thought and maintenance, these areas offer leisure and recreational options for a neighbourhood.  Additionally, they increase biodiversity, both via the variety of plant species and by the creation of feeding and nesting areas for a number of insects, birds and small animals.

The Wildlife Trust believe that only 5% of the UK’s traditional hay meadows now remain.  Our in-house ecologist is working with our regional management team to ensure that where areas of wildflower meadows are required under the obligations of the planning proposal, they are fully equipped with the right knowledge and understanding of the conditions, seed varieties and specific maintenance regime required to make these meadows a stunning habitat and location in a housing development.  Where appropriate, we also work closely with, and seek advice from external organisations such as The Wildlife TrustRSPB and Natural England.