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With an excellent understanding of the challenges facing modern housebuilders in England and Wales, it is no surprise that Meadfleet have been working with some of the key PLC housebuilders for a number of years.  With strong and professional relationships, a reliable and trusted service and simple business model, we are ideally suited to housebuilders of all sizes who need the benefit of an experienced management company on their development.

Take advantage of zero set-up fees

With absolutely no set-up fees for the majority of the open space on new developments that we take into our management, we are able to assist with the long-term management of sustainable urban drainage schemes (SuDS), protected species such as Great Crested Newts, water voles and bats, pumping stations, water treatment works, street lighting, play equipment and a variety of soft landscaping.


Supporting you throughout the process

Additionally, we are keen to support you during all of the important stages of planning, development and post-sale.  

We work closely with residents throughout the process as we understand that the service we provide also reflects on the developer.  We take the long-term view for a development, with full ownership of the open space making us committed to its successful and future progress.

Whatever your requirements, we can offer advice and assistance from the early planning stages, through to handover and adoption.  To find out more or to request a management estimate, contact us today.  Alternatively, take a look at our frequently asked questions, or find out more about who we are.