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Meadfleet are appointed by house builders, usually as a requirement of a planning proposal that states that a management company takes responsibility for allocated public open spaces.

Once a development has been completed, we meet with the developers to assess the open space and agree timescales for its adoption.  We then implement our maintenance schedule, usually visiting on a fortnightly basis throughout the year to ensure that the areas on your development that are under our management are maintained and developed to the highest standard.

Homeowners on a development contribute to the cost of the ongoing maintenance and upkeep related to the open space.  This open space is detailed on the plan that you will have received when you signed our Deed of Covenant when you purchased your property. Charges for maintenance are billed in arrears and issued twice yearly with a range of payment options available to you.

Aside from our qualifications and expertise, we monitor the quality of our work in accordance with the schedule of services that’s contained within your deed, ensuring compliance with any planning conditions issued by the local authority. Additionally, we regularly review and are qualified to inspect play areas with the added back up of independently registered inspections.  Partnering with a number of conservation and ecological groups we also work with homeowners to support the formation of resident associations, welcoming views about how a development can be maintained to its best advantage.

Our list of frequently asked questions may assist you further in finding out about Meadfleet.  Alternatively, please contact us.