Quality Open Space Management

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

As a business, Meadfleet are continually looking at how we can improve both the quality of our developments, our service to residents and our environmental credentials.  As a demonstration of this, the Meadfleet team have achieved independent accreditation of the internationally agreed standards, BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management and BS EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management.

ISO 9001 –  is based on a range of quality management principles including customer focus and continual improvement, providing a framework for us to regularly review our processes in order to optimise efficiency and customer satisfaction.

ISO 14001 – ensures we improve our environmental performance with proactive initiatives promoting efficient use of resources, minimising waste and seeking to protect and enhance the environment.

Working towards and achieving accreditation of these two acknowledged standards represents our desire to be recognised for our active and ongoing commitment to providing a quality service.

Quality Standards

Meadfleet are committed to providing good value, high quality open space management.  Our aim is to follow industry best practice and planning conditions in maintaining our developments whilst also ensuring resident satisfaction.

Training & Guidance
We ensure staff are trained appropriately to manage our developments in a professional and practical manner.  As an example of this, Meadfleet regional managers are qualified to routinely inspect play equipment on their sites.  These checks are backed up by independent, qualified inspections to ensure the very highest standards of quality and safety.

Our regional managers also complete the Lantra Basic Tree Survey and Inspection course to enable them to carry out tree reviews on a 15-month rotation.  This forms part of Meadfleet’s Tree Management Policy which also includes Tree Hazard Assessments by independent, qualified company.

Our operations team create bespoke guidance notes which our regional managers and contractors follow to ensure best practice, consistency and quality across our developments.

Meadfleet Contractors
Meadfleet appointed contractors commit to quality standards required across our sites and their performance is monitored by our regional managers during monthly visits and reporting.  Our contractors must adhere to relevant Health and Safety regulations and hold appropriate levels of insurance cover.  Meadfleet also ensure all work carried out on our sites is done by suitably qualified staff with the appropriate equipment.

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