About us 

Meadfleet provide solutions for the adoption and management of your open space.  As a private, land owning company, we understand the challenges that the adoption of open space on new developments can present.  We can anticipate the many difficulties you may encounter and by working in partnership with you, we look to resolve these as quickly and effectively as possible and at minimal, if any, cost to yourself.

With a long term vision for the sites we manage, Meadfleet are the first choice for housing developers, land owners, land assemblers and land architects who are looking for professional adoption and management of open space on new developments.

Owning and managing open space for 25,000 properties

As owners of open space serving more than 300 developments containing 25,000 properties, we have a deep commitment to the long term sustainability of our sites.  In addition to all regional managers holding a relevant degree, we supplement their knowledge with the expertise of an in-house MSc qualified ecologist and our qualified engineer with over 20 years Plc housebuilding experience.

Our directors and shareholders hold a wealth of experience in many different aspects of the house building industry having previously worked for key PLC developers.  As a result, we have a detailed understanding of the challenges facing you in order to fulfil the planning obligations imposed on housing developers including obligations in Section 106 and Section 104 agreement.  By working with Meadfleet, you can be sure that the detailed requirements on your development will be responsibly managed for the benefit of all.

Managing the complexities of open spaces

Our large and growing portfolio includes anything that pertains to open space on a new housing development.  Already in our management are many complex SuDs schemes, various retaining walls, habitats for many species, including those on the protected list, street lighting, courtyard maintenance, playground areas, grass care, shrubbery, woodlands, wildflower meadows … whatever your requirements, Meadfleet will be able to take care of it.

Our simple principle is to deliver effective, high quality land management that sustains and adds value for the long-term benefit of the development. By working in partnership with Meadfleet, you can be sure that the complex requirements on your development will be responsibly managed for the benefit of all.

Find out more about the range of services we currently offer on many different developments or contact us if there is something not listed.