Developer FAQs

Developer FAQs

Not only have we built up knowledge over many years, we are financially secure and led by a Board of Directors who have 90+ years’ combined experience in UK PLC housebuilders.  We understand the demands placed on developers to secure a planning consent, build cost-effectively and sell the long-term benefits of an estate.

By taking ownership of the land in perpetuity, charging residents for the maintenance and upkeep of the open space, whatever structures and habitat they may contain, we are able to provide these long-term benefits.  The range of open space requirements your development may have cause us no concern at all. The complexity of existing requirements in our portfolio mean we are extremely well-placed to deliver effective management for the future of your development.

Soft landscaping services are the most obvious visual examples of our services.  However, we are far more than a landscape maintenance company!  We have 100+ SuDS schemes in our management, each with varying complexities and a wider technical portfolio that includes retaining walls, courtyards, lighting and play areas. Our sites include bat houses, water voles, great crested newts, mining bees and a host of other ecologically important and beneficial environments, not to mention protected trees, flora and fauna. For the purpose of handover, we work with you to establish an appropriate open space for the residents.  Over several growing seasons, we look at ways of developing and improving the sites so that they continue to thrive and bring enjoyment to those living nearby.  We know that well-managed open space reflects well on the residents’ house price, your reputation as well as our own.

We see SuDS management as a real area of expertise for Meadfleet as we already manage and maintain many different types.  With in-house civil engineering expertise, access to a range of expert contractors and strategic partnerships with a range of charitable and professional bodies, we believe in and deliver SuDS management programmes that integrate these engineering structures easily into the local environment.

Where a development includes SuDS, the longer-term adoption of them should not be seen as a barrier or a difficulty to a developer or the planning process.  With our expertise, we can easily provide assistance in negotiations with authorities which could mean that your planning obligations can be met without the payment of large commuted sums.  Additionally, with Meadfleet’s financial security and perpetual business model, our adoption of SuDS as part of the management of the public open space is a reliable, sustainable and straightforward solution.  During the planning stages we work with developers to create SuDS management plans that satisfy water authority requirements.

Meadfleet believe that SuDS can contribute to the quality and functionality of a landscape, providing usable and attractive places for the local community to enjoy whilst also fulfilling their required drainage and water quality remit.  We know they can form an attractive and ecologically fulfilling part of a residential development too with a range of flora and fauna flourishing on the SuDS in our management.

The simple answer is Yes. We have many years of experience managing a variety of public open space requirements on new developments.  We see ourselves as the professional alternative to the local authority and with our robust method of financing via a Deed of Covenant with each resident, we are able to provide a superior level of service on site using experienced and knowledgeable contractors.

Our experience working within and alongside UK developers provides us with the expertise to understand and deal with the complexities of planning and land acquisition in order to increase land sales values or reduce S106 contributions.

Our preferred model is to charge you absolutely nothing as a set-up cost.  We like to keep things as simple as possible and have developed a straightforward management agreement that can easily be applied to each development and therefore, keep costs to a minimum.  Our easy to use approach frees you to focus on the important job of building and selling houses.

At the point you are ready to handover the site to us, we welcome the opportunity to review all planting and hard landscaping with you.  By so doing, we can both check that everything is as you had intended – we understand that occasionally nature gets the better of us and some shrubs or trees will need replacing or small remedial works are needed, for example where site compounds have been located.  If that is the case, we can discuss the most efficient way to progress, getting the site up to standard as quickly as possible and out of your management.  Where needed we can undertake works on your behalf to bring the site to the required standard and will liaise with you over the costs of these.

Very occasionally it may be necessary to quote for additional legal expenses or independent structural sign-off for extremely complex requirements.  Fortunately, this doesn’t happen too frequently.

We’ll provide you with an estimate outlining the annual management charge payable by the resident following handover to Meadfleet. If you decide to appoint us, we aim to make it a simple enough process from there.  Our legal team can process everything required for our standard Management Agreement and will liaise with your representatives accordingly.  We’ll keep in touch with you throughout the process to ensure that everything happens in a timely and effective manner and we’ll also provide you with our own sales office literature to explain our estimate and service.

When you are ready to hand over the site, we can meet and agree the specifics so that the transition for everyone is as smooth as possible.

We have years of experience within the housebuilding industry.  Our Directors and shareholders, having worked in a range of disciplines provide a robust backbone to our business ensuring financial longevity.  Our operational team are all highly experienced with most holding a Masters or BSc degree in a relevant subject, ensuring a high standard of management across all sites.  Regional managers are supported by excellent 3rd party contractors who are clearly briefed and monitored to maintain standards.  Our managers are also supported by engineering and ecological colleagues who ensure that the wider requirements of a development are also covered.  Everyone is supported by a dedicated and experienced head office team who are keen to protect our reputation of simply delivering excellence.

We have been in business for over 20 years now, originally as a partnership that ended in 2014 with a successful management buyout by the current directors.  A healthy and well-managed bank balance, 31,000+ units providing an income guaranteed in perpetuity and a pragmatic approach to the business opportunities available to us, ensures Meadfleet are a management company for the future.

We are happy to provide an estimate for anything that you wish to have adopted by us.  In the unlikely event that we are unable to assist with a particular aspect, we are happy to explain why and offer alternative solutions.

All residents usually pay the same amount so our estimate for the annual charge will be divided by the number of properties you wish to add to the scheme.  We assess the requirements of the open space based on the information you initially send to us, the time it will take to effect the standard we expect and with what regularity we will visit throughout the year. Our estimate is usually sent to you within a week but we can turn them round more quickly if required.

Our regional managers work closely with our contractors to ensure that works are delivered to a consistently high standard and that developments are improved upon wherever we feel we can add value.  Reports are supplied by our contractors and supported by a monthly regional manager review. These are reviewed by our Senior Management Team for consistency of approach and value for money.  All regional managers are licensed to carry out play equipment inspections on a monthly basis and further regular inspections are undertaken by an independent company for that added layer of safety.

We’re happy to talk you through the process but broadly, just send us a site plan, the development edged blue with the areas you want us to manage edged red so we can see the proposed open space in the context of the development.  Tell us how many properties will form the scheme along with any key information about what we’ll be managing i.e. habitats of special interest, engineering requirements, play areas, landscaping plans.  With that information, we can produce an estimate which should be pretty accurate for the future (assuming there are no major changes) and we can take it from there.  For further information or to request an estimate, please get in touch.

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