Our Expertise

Meadfleet employ the in-house expertise to manage all aspects of open space on new residential developments.

Taking full responsibility for POS areas, we manage them in line with customer expectations and maintain them in a way that complements the development in perpetuity. We pride ourselves on having the resource, ability and drive to deliver excellent open space management:

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

With more than 100 SuDS in our management, Meadfleet fully understand the benefits and requirements of implementing a drainage strategy that supports new housing developments. We work with developers to create SuDS management plans to help satisfy water authority requirements.

Play Equipment

Play equipment is checked regularly by our regional managers who are qualified RPII inspectors. These checks are supported by independent inspections to ensure the very highest standards for the benefit, enjoyment and most importantly, safety of all.


Meadfleet’s in-house technical expertise means any structures, such as retaining walls, are managed professionally and responsibly.

Wildflower Meadows

Meadfleet’s in-house ecologist ensures that wildflower meadows are attractive yet effective wildlife habitats.

Street Lighting

We know that lighting in non-adoptable situations can be a burden on households. Meadfleet can manage and maintain all types of lighting on housing developments from tall lighting columns to low level courtyard bollards.

Habitat & Biodiversity

Meadfleet recognise the importance of wildlife habitats on new build developments. Our MSc qualified ecologist works with our regional management team to ensure that any specific habitats required under the obligations of the planning proposal, are managed and maintained appropriately following UK and EU regulations.

Woodland & Trees

The majority of sites in our portfolio contain trees or woodland areas. Whether they are very young, newly planted trees or well-established mature trees protected with tree preservation orders (TPOs), they are home to more wildlife than any other landscape and often support our rarest and most threatened species. Meadfleet recognise the importance of managing trees carefully, taking in to consideration horticultural, health and safety and legal perspectives.

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