Meadfleet Donates Bird Nest Boxes to Residents

Meadfleet are passionate about enriching our open spaces not just for our residents but for local wildlife too. We recently donated 250 bird nesting boxes to residents across our developments to help encourage more wildlife on to our open spaces.

The donation was made in the spirit of bringing neighbours together to install the nest boxes and then maintain them over the coming years.   Groups of residents worked together to position the boxes in locations that would best attract birds and where the community would get the most bird watching opportunities!

As a landowning management company Meadfleet are keen to promote projects that bring wildlife on to our open spaces, ensuring that any impacts new build developments may have on nature populations are mitigated as far as possible.  In addition to bird boxes we also supplied a number of bee and bug hotels plus bat houses to developments.  In the future we will look to donate bird feeders to our residents to use alongside the nesting boxes.

ToppersMeadfleet Donates Bird Nest Boxes to Residents