Meadfleet are a management company, selected by housebuilders to manage and maintain open spaces on new build developments.

Where local authorities no longer have the appetite or budget to adopt these areas there is a requirement for specialist companies such as Meadfleet to step in. We take responsibility to ensure high quality management and care of public open space. Our favoured approach is to work side by side with residents to ensure we are managing spaces to a style and quality they desire whilst adhering to planning conditions and horticultural best practice.

Open Space Maintenance

What is Routine Maintenance?

Routine maintenance is at the heart of what we do, it involves all regular, planned works that are needed to look after areas of open space in our management.  Our routine maintenance plans are tailored to the needs of each individual site with services usually provided on a fortnightly basis throughout the year, typically including:

  • Grass cutting
  • Edging beds, borders and tree pits
  • Weeding
  • Moss removal
  • Pruning
  • Litter picking / emptying bins

What happens and when?

Due to the nature of the open spaces we manage, maintenance varies throughout the seasons.

Typically, the Spring and Summer months are taken up with grass cutting, weed spraying and removal, selective grass treatment and litter picking.

During Autumn and Winter our focus is on re-edging shrub beds and tree pits, hedge cutting, winter pruning, leaf clearance and continued litter picking.

Non-Routine Maintenance

Throughout the year works may be required on your development in addition to routine maintenance.  These tend to be more one-off works such as tree surgery, fencing repairs and replacement planting.

Our Contractors

Meadfleet select contractors based on a number of factors including:

  • Negotiated local rates
  • Quality standards (judged by reference and inspection)
  • Compliance with Meadfleet’s contractual requirements and service level agreement

Our contractors commit to Meadfleet’s quality standards across our sites and their performance is regularly monitored by our regional managers.  Our contractors must adhere to relevant Health and Safety regulations and hold suitable levels of insurance cover.  Meadfleet ensure all work is carried out by suitably qualified staff with the appropriate equipment.

Regional Managers

Meadfleet’s regional managers are dedicated to ensuring each area of public open space is maintained to a high standard for the enjoyment of our residents.   They inspect areas in our management a minimum of once per month and these visits are supplemented with regular checks from our operations management team.

Our network of highly qualified and experienced regional managers liaise with residents regarding the maintenance of open spaces on their development and regularly meet with representatives from resident groups.

Meadfleet ensure staff are trained appropriately to manage our developments in a professional and practical manner.  Regional managers are qualified to routinely inspect play equipment. They are also Lantra trained to carry out  regular basic tree surveys as part of Meadfleet’s tree management policy.

Meadfleet Areas

It can be confusing knowing which areas Meadfleet are responsible for on your development; in some cases there will be areas that have been adopted by the local council, or are managed by a housing association and some that are in our management, side by side.

If you aren’t sure which areas we are responsible for on your development just drop us an email and we can send you a plan.

Resident Groups

Meadfleet are happy to work with resident’s groups and positively encourage the creation of these.  These groups allow us to liaise with and seek input from residents regarding the management of open spaces on their development.  By working together, we hope to improve the environment in which our residents live.

As part of our work with residents groups we also support and champion local projects, from supplying donations of bulbs and bird nest boxes to contributing towards community events.  To find out more click here.

To learn more about how we work with residents group click here.

Your Invoices

Our invoices are issued twice yearly in February and August.  We charge in arrears, so you only pay for works that have been completed.  In order to keep costs stable for residents, we pay our contractors a fixed amount each month throughout the year.   Whilst the amount is averaged out across the year, the number of hours can be used flexibly across the seasons as more time is often required on site in the spring and summer months as opposed to winter.  This approach allows us to respond to the needs of the development throughout the year.

Your invoice will include three elements:

  • Maintenance Costs – An amount towards the direct costs of maintaining the open spaces Meadfleet are responsible for. This includes the cost of routine maintenance and any additional works as required, for example, tree works or fence repairs.
  • Overhead Contribution – This is an amount towards the associated costs incurred in managing open spaces and includes things like fuel, postage, printing and telephone calls.
  • Management fee – Meadfleet charge a fixed management fee to look after areas of open space.

You can pay your invoice by cheque, over the phone or using your own online banking system.  Alternatively, you can set up a monthly standing order to spread the cost of your invoice, just get in touch to arrange a suitable monthly amount.

Some of our residents like to make over-payments on their accounts which they can use to build up credit for use against future invoices, should you choose to do this any credits are refundable on request.

If you are having difficulties paying your invoice please do contact our Credit Control team who will assist you.

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