Working With Residents

Meadfleet and Residents Groups

Meadfleet are committed to working with residents to ensure we deliver the quality and service they deserve.  Meadfleet encourage the creation of resident’s groups on our developments so we can work with you in the management of your open spaces.  This can be via a formal Residents Association or a less formal Meadfleet Liaison Group. We believe this opens an effective two-way dialogue between homeowners and ourselves.

Meadfleet look to work positively with residents’ groups to ensure a good flow of communication to achieve a friendly and constructive working relationship for the benefit of the whole development.

Groups should be inclusive with an opportunity for all to input and an aim to communicate with the whole development on an ongoing basis.

Our commitment to Meadfleet Resident Groups:

  • We will meet with nominated members to walk the open spaces and discuss the areas within our management.
  • We’ll liaise with nominated members and seek input regarding works carried out and plans for future non-routine works. We will do our best to discuss non-essential, additional works with the nominated members before they are instructed.
  • We will help promote community engagement and enrichment on your development by working with you on projects and events.
  • Meadfleet will support community involvement activities by supplying materials as required and appropriate. This could include donating bird nest boxes for residents to install or bulbs to plant as a community.  Find out more.

For more information about creating a residents group on your development please see the documents below:

Meadfleet & Residents Association

Meadfleet Liaison Groups (MLGs)

If you have any questions regarding resident’s groups, or if you have set up a residents group and would like to let us know, please email us at

“Working together is success”

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