Useful Information

If you notice a problem on your development, you might find the following information helpful: 


If vandalism has occurred on the areas we are responsible for please report this to us at  We’ll take action as required and report the incident to the local police.

Anti-social / nuisance behaviour

This should be reported to local police by calling 101 (unless you consider it an emergency).  This is a civil matter and it should be dealt with by the relevant authorities.  Please do notify us of any issues you are having and we will review if there are any ways in which we can help.


Please report fly-tipping on Meadfleet areas to us so we can take appropriate action –

Dog fouling

It is an offence not to clear up immediately after your dog on all land, both public and private to which the public has access.  If you believe there is a persistent problem with dog fouling on areas Meadfleet are responsible for please do let us know and we will assist where possible.

Play equipment

If you believe an item of play equipment is damaged please call us to report this as soon as possible at  If you feel this is an urgent matter please email

Wasps nests

If you notice a wasp’s nest on land we manage that you are concerned about please let us know –

Bee hives & swarms

Please note, bees are not classed as pests due to their non-aggressive nature.  They also serve an important function and benefit to gardens and surrounding countryside. For these reasons, Meadfleet would not normally look to have a nest removed.

Swarms of bees should normally be left alone as they will most likely move on after a day or so.  However, if you believe there is a bee swarm or nest in a high-risk area such as play ground please do report this to us.

If you have a swarm of bees in your garden you can visit The British Beekeepers Association to find a local, registered bee collector. 

Parking issues

If you notice cars parked on landscaped areas that Meadfleet are responsible for please get in touch.

Unfortunately, Meadfleet cannot directly monitor parking on our developments.  If you are experiencing issues with parking on the development please do let us know and we will help where possible (please note that we are not responsible for roads on all developments).


Trees bring an enormous range of benefits to the urban environment and are fundamental to our health and wellbeing.  Meadfleet aim to protect, promote, sustain and enhance our trees and wooded areas.  We carry out regular tree inspections in order to follow the law which requires that we “take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions which cause a reasonably foreseeable risk of injury to persons or property”.

Should you be concerned about any trees on your development do get in touch with us, but please be advised that in most instances, we will only undertake tree works that are required to avoid damage to persons or property or for the health and longevity of the tree.


For further useful information please visit our FAQs page.

If you notice a problem that you feel poses an imminent health and safety risk, please contact

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