Habitat & Biodiversity    

The benefits of attractive, natural open space areas on new housing developments is well-known to offer opportunities for relaxation, higher standards of living and potentially, good health.  Additionally, these open spaces often provide important habitats for a number of species.  To this end, our management objectives for biodiversity and habitat development on the sites that we own and are responsible for are to: –

Additional measures that we incorporate as aids to increasing biodiversity on site include the provision of bird boxes, butterfly and solitary bee houses as well as hedgehog homes. These kinds of refuge are invaluable for micro-fauna and help to increase awareness and appreciation amongst the residents. 

Meadfleet are committed to protecting the pre-existing species and the ongoing encouragement of new populations on a site.  We have seen great success with the management of Marsh Orchids, Lesser Horseshoe Bats, Great Crested Newts and Water Voles as well as reptiles, mining bees and the planting of native species.