Residents FAQs

Residents FAQs

This is the amount of money which all homeowners will be required to contribute towards the costs of the management and maintenance of the open spaces and associated features on your development. Meadfleet charge 6 monthly in arrears, usually February and August. This includes the actual direct costs for maintaining the communal areas and contributions towards Meadfleet’s business costs and management fee.

You can pay Meadfleet’s Annual Management Charge invoices in the following ways:

  • Via your own online banking system using our bank details:
    • Bank:  NatWest
    • Account name:  Meadfleet Ltd
    • Account number:  6442877
    • Sort code:  55-40-44
    • Reference: First line of the property address
  • By cheque – send this to Meadfleet Ltd, Unit 2, Meadway Court, Rutherford Close, Stevenage, SG1 2EF (please write the first line of the property address on the back of the cheque)
  • Alternatively, call us on 01438 746990 and select option 1 to pay by card
  • You can also pay by monthly instalments, to arrange this please email us at

For further information please visit our How to make a payment page.

**Please ensure you use the first line of the property address as the reference when making a payment so we can allocate it to your account**

Your local planning authority will have imposed a condition on the developer that requires open spaces to be managed in the interests of public amenity, although the Local Authority themselves are resisting adoption of such spaces primarily because of funding and resource constraints. Your developer has therefore made arrangements for the long term management of the public open spaces and associated features by appointing Meadfleet. In return for adopting these areas, Meadfleet requires homeowners to contribute to the financial upkeep of the common space.

Our maintenance plans are tailored to the needs of each individual site with services usually provided on a fortnightly basis throughout the year, typically including:

  • Grass cutting
  • Edging beds, borders and tree pits
  • Weeding
  • Moss removal
  • Pruning
  • Litter picking / emptying bins

Additional maintenance will be carried out as required.

The schedule and scope of maintenance work is usually specified within the deed of covenant you signed when you purchase your property.

Generally, the developer is responsible for deciding which areas of public open space Meadfleet will take over. Upon request, Meadfleet can provide a layout plan which shows the areas we maintain.

Meadfleet have vast experience in managing common areas on a housing development, usually including soft landscaping but also encompassing other features such as Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), roads, play areas, lighting and structures. Invariably our schemes also come with existing habitats for wildlife such as Bats, Bees, Newts, Voles, Lizards, and water fowl, not to mention the vast range of protected trees, flora and fauna.

Meadfleet can accept phased handovers of open space but we prefer to accept handover once the housing development is complete. If your developer chooses to handover space part way through the development then you will be subject to our standard charge with a contribution towards unoccupied homes being made by the developer.

Our open spaces are managed and maintained to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 internationally agreed standards.   Meadfleet regional managers are all RPII qualified inspectors ensuring play equipment is safe and maintained to current British Standards (BSEN1176 & BSEN1177). Our approach is to charge in arrears so you will only pay for completed works. Meadfleet are the professional alternative to Local Authorities and with a team of experienced and qualified managers, our aim is to maintain and improve the open spaces provided by your housebuilder.

We are happy to discuss with residents any amendments to our maintenance schedules. Any changes are usually made with the involvement of a Residents Association.

Our regional managers work closely with our contractors to ensure that works are delivered to a consistently high standard and that developments are improved upon wherever we feel we can add value.  Reports are supplied by our contractors and these are supported by a monthly regional manager site visit and inspection report. These are reviewed by our Senior Management Team for consistency of approach and value for money.  All regional managers are licensed to carry out play equipment inspections on a monthly basis and further regular inspections are undertaken by an independent company for that added layer of safety.

You need to check your deed of covenant but usually, all residents will pay an equal share of the costs for any repairs works that may be needed from time to time.

Yes, our regional managers and contractors carry out visual checks of the play equipment in our management on a regular basis.  In fact, our regional management team are all qualified to RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International) standards.  Additionally, all play equipment is independently inspected annually or bi-annually by The Play Inspection Company.

Please provide us with an alternative correspondence address if you will not be living at the property.  You can email this to us at

Meadfleet welcomes and encourages this approach, it is by far the most efficient way for us to hear the views of the residents and respond effectively.  For further details on how we work with Residents Groups and guidance on how to create one, please see our Working with Residents page.

Please review our Moving House page for further information.

We recognise there may be an occasion where you feel dissatisfied with the response received via your initial communications with our customer care, credit control, legal or operations department. In the first instance we will escalate your complaint to the appropriate line manager to respond.  If they are not able to respond to the matter to your satisfaction, you will then be able to commence Stage 1 of our complaints process as outlined at

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